Wednesday, 17 August 2011

ambitious innocent girl

The story speaks about
a girl named 
arose between parents impoverished nations grew up loving them even became the 18-year note to receive her life happy and smile and the strength and courage and also informed her she would meet with her love one day

On 19-year-old father died and left her mother suffer from poverty, hunger and disease, so I rushed (kim-hi) strongly towards life and the courage with which her parents taught her it of ... They do not grieve or cry because of poverty is not interested in it because it's rich lived in a poor neighborhood like the others she started working in the flower market to earn money to feed the patient by her mother and buy her medicine so that valid
And the mother died a year later and remained a poor single girl without a mother or father and one day she moved from Korea to Japan to work in the capital Tokyo, the only girl I started moving forward and earn a lot of money in one day met a man named (kim hyung)
Large in the neighborhood with her and she does not know is he loved since her childhood, their relationship began to develop his great love Fterv it is also truly loved until they reached the marriage married and gave birth to a child by its name (mi hani) and started to grow, including
And lived in happiness and tenderness and love with the family of modest
Bringing the love story tells the story of the lovers

Love the girl went and gave birth to a child and the child was the source of happiness

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