Sunday, 25 September 2011

sony mp3

salam ! haizzz !! adush !

skang nie aq trgilax2 kt 1 menda nie !
nga kmpul duet nk bli menda nie
yeah. .  agk mahal. . but ! nk jgk !!
kui2 !!
so.. mlai skg kne la jmat2 bler gne duet an XD
so saD !!

nak tau benda aperr ??
nie ha !

Sony Walkman NWS-B153

        nak nie      ^

The other release is the USB stick-style Walkman B.
It features MP3 playback as well as FM receiver and voice recording.
You can also record directly from the FM receiver.
This also has Sony’s QuickCharge 3m/90m option but delivers better charging and runtimes that the W.
A full charge here takes just 70minutes but gives up to 18 hours battery life.
This one comes with 4GB of memory, USB type-A plug and will set you back $89. It will be available this month.
Sony says you can use iTunes with this one if you want, although it will accept basic drag’n'drop of music files from within Windows Explorer.

yeah !! harap2 dapat lah keyh !! yg waner merah pekat tuh !!  yeah !!
hahax !! 

trimas cz bce XD

Thursday, 15 September 2011

BAJU kelas

hehe. .  alhmdulillah ~ akhr nye  brjaya aq design..
yeah ~ sememang nye banyak songeh lah kelas aq ni
but.. aq ttap cbe nk buat apew yg dyrg nk trutama
Danial  larh ! ish ~ kjap tu kjap nie gn RahmAt AtyLa uh ! ish ~
but.. paz aq g kdai uh sndri .. dy jux ckp aq lengan hjau n merah je ~
aq suggest wane merah jelah ~
hehe ~ sooo  --- jd lah cm uh  ^_^

pssstt ! nk tao sbb pe merah?
coz merah an lvrpool
n lambg brung tepi uh pon lvrpool..
yg naga2 uh sje +

:: bju kelas 3 sains. .  design by ecah yo ! ::

heyh2 da lame rite aq  xpost kt blog? hehe  . .

enjoy ~ adios